Fisheries Department to spend $2.3 million on cleanup at Nova Scotia harbour


The federal government says it will spend more than $2.3 million to clean up a liquid pollutant at a government-owned wharf on Nova Scotia's southern shore.

The Fisheries Department said today it is building a system to extract the pollutant from the soil and groundwater located close to Kraut Point Small Craft Harbour in Riverport, N.S.

Senior environmental officer Roxanne MacLean says the department learned of the presence of the non-soluble liquid in 2009 during a routine site assessment, though she says the liquid's origin is unknown.

The system will separate the pollutant from the water, which will be treated and tested before being deposited into an underground collection area.

She says the extraction system is expected to be complete by the end of January and fully operational by early February.

MacLean says the department's cleanup and assessment should be completed by March 2025.