Fisheries producers shifting gears to adjust to coronavirus impact on marketsFisheries entrepreneurs


Fisheries entrepreneurs like Danny Dumaresque have to be nimble in their marketing efforts as the impact of the novel coronavirus flows through their Asian customer base and delays key trade shows.

The owner of Labrador Gem Seafood had counted on attending Seafood Expo North America in Boston this month, but learned Tuesday the event is being postponed due to concerns over the spread of the illness.

Dumaresque says he's now flying to destinations in the United States to meet with individual clients to ensure his recently developed sea urchin products have customers.

Until recently, Japan was his company's main market.

But the novel coronavirus caused China to reduce its imports of sea urchins, resulting in a flood of the product into Japan from other nations.

Dumaresque says Tuesday's announcement that the Boston seafood show is postponed until a future date creates further challenges for seafood producers trying to reach alternative markets to Asia.