Halifax police probe incident where dog was swung around by leash during altercation

Halifax Regional Police

Halifax police say they are investigating an altercation between two women where a dog was allegedly swung around by its leash and used as a weapon.

The fight caught on video has been circulating on social media in recent days.

Police say in a statement they were called to Windmill Road in Dartmouth about 5:30 p.m. on July 1 about an altercation involving four adult women.

Authorities say the altercation started after two women in one vehicle confronted two in another vehicle about being cut off in a drive-thru line.

Police said those involved in the incident did not wish to pursue assault charges and there were initial reports of a dog involved, but police said the extent wasn't clear at the time.

Officers at the scene checked in on two dogs in one of the vehicles and they both appeared in good health.