Liberals make plea for seniors to file taxes as thousands at risk of losing benefits


The federal government says tens of thousands of seniors are at risk of losing benefits because they haven't yet filed their taxes.

The Liberals are making a public plea for them to submit their returns as soon as possible so payments of the guaranteed income supplement doesn't get suspended come Jan. 1.

The government estimates that 63,000 seniors could see an interruption in benefit payments if they don't file tax returns quickly.

The returns are how the government determines eligibility and the value of payments like the GIS, which goes to low-income seniors.

Without it, seniors receiving the income top-up will find the payment taps closed until they provide the needed information.

In 2017, some 105,000 seniors saw halts on their payments, and the figure has fallen in subsequent years to 75,000 in 2018 and 73,000 last year.