Man weeps after seeing video of Halifax officer allegedly striking him

CKTB News- Court

A homeless man wept Wednesday after watching a video of a police officer allegedly strike him in the face outside a Halifax shelter.

Joseph (Patrice) Simard was testifying at the trial of Const. Laurence Gary Basso on charges of assault and falsifying information in Halifax police reports.

The video shows an officer approach Simard as he sat on a milk crate outside the Metro Turning Point shelter.

The 55-year-old Simard had been asked to leave the shelter due to drinking alcohol in his bed.

After a conversation, the officer puts on his gloves, appears to take hold of Simard's backpack and holds the homeless man by the shoulder.

The homeless man is seen on his knees, and the video shows the officer swinging his arm and striking Simard in the face, and he drops heavily to the ground.