Most know little about prominent Indigenous, racialized Canadians, survey suggests

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Indigenous and other racialized Canadians have been shaping the country's history and culture for centuries, but a new poll suggests most Canadians have a lot to learn about most of them.

The survey commissioned by Historica Canada, creator of the popular Heritage Minutes, asked 1,000 respondents a series of 24 questions aimed at determining their knowledge on a range of issues.

Only 16 per cent of respondents were able to pass the quiz, which featured facts about the contributions of prominent Canadians ranging from Olympic athletes to scientists.

The poll found survey participants generally knew the least about figures from Indigenous or other racialized backgrounds, with the exception of civil rights crusader Viola Desmond.

Less than six per cent of respondents recognized figures such as Indigenous filmmakers and human rights activists, or the first RCMP officer to wear a turban.

Historica says despite the low polling numbers, there are signs that the public is eager to expand its knowledge of Canadians who have remained on the margins of history and society.