Mounties warning of phone scams in Nova Scotia


The Nova Scotia RCMP says it has received reports of phone scams in different parts of the province.

A release states in Inverness County, calls from 1-800- and local numbers have someone claiming there is an issue with the victim's Social Insurance Number (SIN).

The person on the other end of the phone, who claims to be from a variety of federal agencies, says the victim could be arrested unless personal information is provided, then requests names, dates of birth and SINs.

Police say calls have been received in Lower Sackville from someone claiming the victim owes money to the government.

The release states the fraudster then provides the victim with the local RCMP number so that when the person calls for more information, the call appears legitimate.

The RCMP are advising anyone who receives a call asking for their SIN or other personal information to request a name and call back number, and verify the institution requesting the information.

If you have provided personal information, police say you should contact your financial institution for advice on how to protect yourself.