Municipalities of Cumberland and Colchester getting major rural broadband network


The Municipalities of Cumberland and Colchester are teaming up with Xplornet and Develop Nova Scotia on a high-speed internet project.

A release from the municipalities says the project will see $60 million invested in the region, and will include nearly 700 km of optic fibre.

The service will offer up to 100 Mbps fibre-to-home and fixed wireless services, reaching more than 21, 700 currently underserved households and businesses.

A further 2,300 addresses will have access to improved satellite service that will reach up to 50 Mbps by the completion of the network, and the project is aiming for 100% high-speed availability in Cumberland and Colchester.

The municipalities say they will invest a combined $6 million over the next four years in exchange for 20 years of dedicated fibre for innovative community services and economic development, but they will not have an ownership stake in the infrastructure, nor be responsible for its upkeep or operation.

The Nova Scotia Internet Funding Trust has approved an investment of $19.9 million based on eligible project costs that total $48.5 million.

A release states Develop Nova Scotia will monitor construction and system performance for compliance with service levels promised by Xplornet, as part of the Internet Nova Scotia Initiative.