N.S. NDP planning legislation to require standing committees to meet


The New Democrats say they'll introduce legislation during the fall sitting of the legislature to require standing committees to meet.

Almost all legislative committees were shut down from March to August and the NDP says the Liberals have used their majority to stop them from meeting virtually.

The committees are normally scheduled to meet over the summer months.

NDP House Leader Claudia Chender says, "In a time of crisis, it is even more important to ensure there is transparency around the government's actions."

The Public Accounts Committee will meet Wednesday for the first time since March, the Health Committee held its first meeting in months on Tuesday.

Susan Leblanc, who sits on the Public Accounts Committee for the NDP, says it was possible for the legislative committees to continue their work during the first wave of COVID-19, but now there's a massive backlog of information that needs to be reviewed.

She says, "The only reason I can see for the committees to have been shut down is that the Liberal government wanted as little scrutiny as possible on their actions."