N.S. premier 'frustrated' by travellers failing to self-isolate; province to ramp up surveillance

Stephen McNeil

Premier Stephen McNeil says there are reports of people outside of the Atlantic Bubble who are not self-isolating, which is not acceptable and has sparked concerns and questions about the Canadian and Nova Scotia borders.

At a press conference on Monday, McNeil said, "I'm as frustrated as all of you. We have worked hard together and sacrificed so much in this province to help flatten the curve only to have some people come into our province and think they are above it all, that the rules don't apply to them. Guess what? They do."

He says government has reached out to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to get a better understanding of the federal guidelines.

McNeil says he understands that Canadians who want to come home can't be turned away, but once they get past the federal border provincial rules apply.

The premier says anyone entering the province from outside of the Atlantic Bubble must provide an address where they will be self-isolating and phone number where they can be reached 24/7.

Beginning Tuesday, a form will be available on the Nova Scotia COVID-19 website for anyone outside of the Atlantic Bubble to fill out and provide a phone number, which will be called every day for 14 days to ensure they are self-isolating.

McNeil says if the person can't be reached after three tries, police will be called to do an in-person check to confirm self-isolation.