Onslow Belmont firefighters kept busy with multiple weekend calls

(Onslow Belmont Fire Brigade photo)

It was a very busy weekend for the Onslow Belmont Fire Brigade.

Firefighter Clare Peers tells our newsroom firefighters responded to two vehicle rollovers, a vehicle fire, a shed fire and a few medical calls between Friday night and Sunday evening.

Peers says a young woman and three small children were involved in a single-vehicle rollover in Belmont Saturday. The RCMP say the vehicle had struck a parked vehicle from behind, flipped, and landed right side up.

There was another rollover late Sunday morning, on Highway 104, near the 102 interchange.

RCMP have confirmed with our newsroom that no one was seriously hurt in either crash.

Peers says firefighters were also called to a vehicle fire on a side road in Upper Belmont Saturday night, but the blaze was out when firefighters arrived.

He tells our newsroom Onslow-Belmont was called to the same side road in Upper Belmont early Sunday afternoon for a shed fire.

The shed was completely destroyed and firefighters spent an hour on scene making sure there were no hot spots.

There's no word on the cause of either fire.