Petition launched against transferring civilian RCMP members to Phoenix pay system

CUPE Local 104

A new petition supported by Cumberland-Colchester MP Lenore Zann is warning of the federal government's plan to add around 4,000 more people to the Phoenix pay system.

CUPE Local 104 represents around 1,200 RCMP Essential Services employees, both civilian members and public service employees, in the Law Enforcement and Police Operations Support groups across Canada.

In a release, the union says, "It is unconscionable and irresponsible for the Government to willfully force more employees, who are currently on a working pay system, onto the Phoenix pay system."

In 2009, the federal government started an initiative to replace the 40-year-old system it used to pay 290,000 employees in 101 departments and agencies, with implementation coming in two waves starting in February 2016.

The Office of the Auditor General stated that a fall 2017 audit found that the system had problems immediately after it was put in place and that they continued to grow.

To the end of June 2017, there was over $520 million in pay outstanding due to errors for public servants serviced by Phoenix who were paid too much or too little.

The federal government’s annual employee survey last year found 72 per cent of public servants have been affected by Phoenix pay problems.

CUPE Local 104 says government and the RCMP boasted at the end of January during an information session about implementing over 2,000 fixes to Phoenix and told employees in attendance that they have thoroughly tested their transition measures.

The union says they refused to provide information about how effective these fixes have been, and in some cases the fixes had only been implemented the night before the information session.

The petition has over 2,300 signatures from all provinces and territories in Canada.