Pictou County family donate Tree For Boston

2019 Tree For Boston

Pictou County is home to this year's annual Tree For Boston.

A release says the 60-year-old; 45-foot white spruce is a gift to city of Boston to thank them for their efforts following the Halifax Explosion of 1917.

"The Tree for Boston is about gratitude, friendship and harmony," said Lands and Forestry Minister, Iain Rankin. "We continue to honour Boston for their kindness during our time of need following the Halifax Explosion 102 years ago." 

The province says a tree cutting ceremony will be held on November 13, where students from Pictou Landing First Nation and Frank H. MacDonald Elementary School will attend the ceremony to learn about the annual tradition and the Halifax Explosion.

The City of Boston sent medical personnel and supplies after 2,000 were killed after an explosion on-board the SS Mont-Blanc on the morning of December 6, 1917.

The tree is being donated by Desmond Waithe and Corina Saunders of Black Point, Pictou County.