Plan expected Tuesday for Cyclone helicopters to return to the air

The insignia of the Canadian Armed Forces

The Canadian Armed Forces is expected to share its plan for getting its Cyclone helicopters back in the air today, even as military investigators continue to probe the cause of the deadly crash that forced the fleet to be temporarily grounded.

The Cyclone fleet has been subject to an "operational pause" since April, when the helicopter known as Stalker 22 crashed off the coast of Greece while preparing to land on a Canadian frigate in the Ionian Sea.

All six military personnel on board were killed.

A preliminary investigation report released last week said without providing details that Stalker 22 did not respond as the crew expected prior to going into the water.

Investigators are now focusing on "aircraft systems and human factors."

Senior military officials are scheduled to provide an update today on the lifting of the operational pause and resumption of flights for the rest of the Cyclone fleet.