Protesters hold brief blockade at entrance of Canada Post facility in Halifax

Handful of protesters held brief blockade at the entrance of a Canada Post facility in Halifax to show solidarity for postal workers who were legislated back to work this week (Carl Pomeroy/Twitter/CTV Atlantic)

A handful of protesters briefly blocked the entrances to Canada Post's main facility in Halifax early Friday in a show of solidarity for employees who were legislated back to work this week.

The group left about two hours later at 10 a.m., after police told them they were not allowed to block vehicles coming in and out of the plant.

Canada Post said on Twitter that the protests amounted to the illegal obstruction of the movement of mail, adding that it would ``take appropriate action to address illegal activity'' affecting operations.

The gesture comes after the Canadian Union of Postal Workers held 37 days of rotating strikes across the country before back-to-work legislation was officially passed Monday.

Canada Post indicated this week that Canadians can continue to expect delivery delays for the next several weeks.

Danny Cavanaugh, president of the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour, says people want to take a stand for collective rights because they're unhappy with the imposed legislation.