Province implements additional COVID-19 measures

Nova Scotia Government

The Nova Scotia government has expanded virtual care for physicians, nurse practitioners and others so they can offer appointments to patients through telephone or video to help reduce in-person contact.

It was one of many new measures and updates announced during Tuesday afternoon’s press briefing with Premier Stephen McNeil.

Other measures and updates include:
-- regulated health professions can only stay open for emergency or urgent cases or to provide virtual care, as long as they can meet social distancing requirements in their waiting room or other non-clinical areas and follow the cleaning protocol
-- non-regulated health professions (such as naturopaths) must close. One exception is podiatrists who must follow the directive related to regulated health professions
-- Access Centres and Registry of Motor Vehicle Offices will start operations in a scaled back, limited contact business model. In addition, government has extended deadlines for more vehicle permits, registrations and renewals until Aug.31

The province also clarified Nova Scotia’s essential service sectors, which are exempt from the five-person-or-fewer gathering rules, but must still maintain physical distancing and other health protocols.

They are:
-- health
-- food, agri-food and fisheries
-- transportation, including trucking, rail and transit
-- construction and manufacturing
-- IT, telecommunications and critical infrastructure
-- public services, such as police, fire and ambulances