Recent pellet study confirms increase in local deer population: Truro CAO


Truro's CAO says the recent pellet study results confirm that the population of deer in the urban area continues to rise.

In an update to council, Mike Dolter says staff met with the Department of Lands and Forestry on the urban deer issue, saying one more year of data gathering is required before a more intensive urban hunt can be approved.

The report says much of the increase in population can be attributed to the abundance of food either from natural or human grown vegetation, or residents illegally feeding deer.

Based on discussions with the province, Dolter says those are the reasons that the deer herd isn't seen as being extremely healthy.

In the meantime, there are only around five people registered for the watershed bow/crossbow deer hunt which was approved again this year by council.

Lands north of William Barnhill Drive were added as Dolter says that's seen as a corridor for animals entering the urban core.

Councillor Danny Joseph asked if habitat encroachment had been considered as a reason for the issue.

Dolter says anecdotally no, but no studies have been done to tie one to the other.

He adds that while there's no doubt development has done into their areas, the deer have other places to go.