SME unveils plans for 1.26MW turbine project near Parrsboro

SME PLAT-I platform

Sustainable Marine Energy (SME) says a co-development agreement with Minas Tidal LP (MTLP) will deliver up to 9MW of tidal energy to the Nova Scotia grid.

The first phase of the Pempa’q In-stream Tidal Energy Project, beginning next year, consists of three floating platforms which each produce 420kW.

In July, the Department of Energy and Mines issued a 1.26MW marine licence for the project at the Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE) off Parrsboro.

Jason Hayman, the Managing Director of SME, says the PLAT-I demonstrator was tested at Grand Passage last year in preparation for their entry into FORCE.

He says, "The FORCE site is renowned for its incredible tidal resource, but this also makes it a very challenging environment in which to deploy equipment. The lessons learned from our deployments in Scotland and Nova Scotia have helped us to prepare for this project."

SME says Hamburg-based reconcept Group is providing financing for the project to eventually enable the delivery of the full 9MW provided by the adjacent berths.