Three Nova Scotia senators call for public inquiry into mass killing


Three Nova Scotia senators are calling on the province to join with Ottawa to launch a joint inquiry into the mass shooting in April that claimed the lives of 22 people.

Senators Mary Coyle, Colin Deacon and Stan Kutcher say they have sent a letter outlining their request to federal Public Safety Bill Blair and Nova Scotia Justice Minister Mark Furey.

Last week, Furey indicated that some kind of federal-provincial review or inquiry was in the works, but the specific nature of the investigation remained unclear.

The senators' letter says an "equally-led public inquiry" is needed to explore issues beyond the role of the RCMP.

The senators note that the gunman assaulted his spouse early in the rampage, which is why the inquiry must address related social issues through a "feminist lens."

Their letter includes a list of 11 key questions the senators say must be answered by an independent public inquiry.