Town of Truro asking people not to participate in unauthorized searches for Dylan Ehler

3-year-old Dylan Ehler, was last seen near Queen and Elizabeth St. in Truro, N.S.

The Town of Truro is asking people not to participate in unauthorized searches for missing Dylan Ehler.

The three-year-old went missing from his grandmother's yard in Truro on Wednesday, May 6.

According to a release from the town, the Truro Police Service has become aware of an online group inviting people to search for Dylan this weekend.  
It goes on to say neither the Truro Police Service, nor Ground Search and Rescue, condone or support this type of activity. 
Officials say they understand people are trying to be helpful, but say there is great risk to untrained people conducting these types of searches as Ground Search and Rescue and the Fire Service are equipped with the proper equipment and training. 

The release from the town also points out the properties along the river are privately owned, so anyone accessing these properties without permission will be considered trespassing which is enforceable by local law enforcement.

While the search for Dylan has been suspended, the Truro Police Service and Colchester Ground Search and Rescue members returned to Lepper Brook Wednesday, May 13, to deploy a mannequin approximately the same height and weight of Dylan, with radio equipment attached, to further provide clues to Dylan’s possible whereabouts.

The plan was to track the mannequin overhead by helicopter, while reporting stations set up along the Salmon River captured the signal.

A provincial dive team was also brought in to be in the water, near the Stanfield's factory.

Police say Wednesday's tides were similar to those on the day the boy disappeared.