Truro's Deer Management Working Group finalizes terms of reference

Town of Truro (New)

The Town of Truro's Deer Management Working Group has finalized its terms of reference, which will be presented to council for approval.

The group has been meeting since February to develop a Deer Management Strategy.

The plan will help Truro Town Council develop a proper operating budget to implement deer management initiatives and ensure the needed resources are available.

The town says in a release that this will include working towards changing human behaviours and attitudes in order to attain long-term success in reducing the urban deer population.

Next steps include formalizing goals and objectives of the strategy, as well as exploring all available management options and measures.

The working group consists of members of council, town staff, The Department of Lands & Forestry, community members, and organizations such as the Nova Scotia Federation of Anglers & Hunters and Women That Hunt.