Ukraine to lead compensation negotiations for families of Iran plane crash victims

Iran plane crash

The Foreign Affairs Department says Ukraine will lead negotiations with Iran over compensation for the families of victims of the crash of Flight PS-752.

Iran eventually admitted one of its air-defence batteries shot the Ukraine International Airlines jet down.

There were 55 Canadian citizens and 30 permanent residents aboard, on the first leg of a trip from Iran to Canada via Kyiv, Ukraine.

The federal government says Canada, Afghanistan, Sweden and the United Kingdom have agreed that Ukraine will be their negotiator in talks over compensation.

Global Affairs says the members of the International Co-ordination and Response Group for the victims settled on "a common approach to holding the Iranian regime accountable and signed a memorandum of understanding."

Iran has said it shot the airliner down unintentionally, after mistaking it for a hostile target hours after Iran fired missiles at U-S and coalition bases in neighbouring Iraq.