**Updated** Low risk of sinkholes forming around Highway 104 near Oxford: Study


**Updated at 8:55 a.m. Friday October 2, 2020**

A geotechnical study commissioned after a sinkhole formed beside the Oxford Lion's Club in 2018 has concluded the risk of sinkholes forming around the Oxford section of the Trans-Canada Highway is low.

Harbourside Geotechnical Consultants examined subsurface soil and rock conditions along and beneath the highway west of Exit 6.

They found that while deposits that can dissolve in water such as gypsum are prevalent in the area, the deposits that can result in sinkholes were deep underground.

The study determined there is low risk of sinkholes forming around the roadway, provided the province regularly monitors ground movement and takes additional measures to control water run-off.

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal says a contingency plan will be developed in case sinking is observed near the highway and ramps.