Vehicle didn't stop at crossing before collision with train, TSB report finds

Transportation Safety Board

The Transportation Safety Board says the driver of a vehicle struck by a freight train at a private crossing outside Halifax last summer did not obey the posted stop sign.

The July 29 collision at the crossing on Christopher King Lane in Oakfield, N.S., sent a woman to hospital with serious injuries. A girl who was a passenger in the vehicle was also injured, but managed to free herself and find help.

The TSB's investigation report says a 25-car CN freight train approached the crossing at a speed of 82 kilometres an hour, below the authorized track speed for the area of 88 km/h.

The train wasn't required to sound its horn and it didn't, although its headlights were on full power and its ditch lights were activated.

The report says the vehicle was travelling southward with its windows closed at a speed of about 20 kilometres an hour when it proceeded onto the crossing without stopping at the stop sign.

Upon seeing the vehicle the train engineer sounded the locomotive's horn but the collision occurred just one second later, striking the front-passenger side of the vehicle and pushing it down an embankment where it overturned.