Warrant alleges N.S. mass shooter was seasoned smuggler of narcotics, U.S. guns


Newly released court documents say witnesses told the RCMP that the gunman who carried out the April mass shooting in Nova Scotia smuggled drugs and guns from Maine for years and had secret compartments inside several of his properties.

The gunman took 22 lives during his April 18-19 shooting and burning rampage before police killed him at a service station in Enfield, N.S.

Previously blacked-out details from police applications for search warrants, unsealed by a judge on Monday, quote a witness telling investigators that the shooter smuggled drugs from Maine and had a bag of 10,000 OxyContin and 15,000 Dilaudid "from a reservation in New Brunswick.''

Another witness told police that neighbours spoke of concealed spaces on the suspect's properties in Portapique, N.S., and in Dartmouth, N.S.

That included a "secret room'' in his Dartmouth denturist clinic, a false wall at his property on Portland Street in Dartmouth and "secret hiding spots'' at his warehouse property in Portapique.

In addition, one of the witnesses told a Halifax police officer he'd heard that the shooter "builds fires and burns bodies'' and was a sexual predator as well as a drug dealer.