Dave Dargie, Host Chair of the 2020 Ontario Junior Girls U19 Golf Championship


The Brockville Country Club is now recruiting volunteers for the 2020 Ontario Junior Girls U19 Golf Championship. The event will see the club host 84 of the best junior golfers in Ontario from June 28th to July 2nd. To support this, the club is seeking 75 volunteers to take on various duties from June 29th to July 2nd. To aid the recruitment process, the club is hosting a breakfast next Saturday, March 21, from 9-11am. The breakfast is free thanks to the generosity of a loyal club supporter. Anyone interested in volunteering for the Ontario Junior Girls U19 Championship is invited to attend and learn more about this event. The organizers will be registering volunteers that day with Golf Ontario and the BCC, as well as explaining how the tournament will work and what is involved with the volunteer duties. RSVP to Dave Dargie at david.dargie@bell.net