Shop Local


Now, more than ever, it is important to support our local businesses, our local economy and the people that live and work in Bathurst and the surrounding areas.

BOUNCE 1049 is celebrating local businesses the week of September 13-17!

Each weekday morning, BOUNCE 1049 will reveal that day’s featured business and their prize! That prize will be added it to a grand prize pack that could be won by you!

Once the business and the prize has been revealed for the day, you will have a chance to call in and qualify for the grand prize pack!

Plus you can text the word “LOCAL” to 10490 and each day we will choose one text to be entered into the draw as well!

At the end of the week, BOUNCE 1049 will draw one name from all of the phone and text qualifiers, and they will win the grand prize pack featuring all of the prizes!!



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