Glass Animals Singer Dave Bayley Battles British Airways


Glass Animals frontman Dave Bayley continues to battle British Airways this week over a valuable piece of lost luggage.

“Nearly two weeks now…? want to help at some point? If not, the police have agreed to escort one of our team to come and collect the bag next week, Bayley tweeted at the airline on Sunday.

Bayley went public with his flight plight on June 27, tweeting that British Airways lost his “irreplaceable music making equipment” six days earlier.

“I’ve tried every avenue. I can’t get any information by phone or email, we’ve gone to multiple airports to get help in person only to be sent in circles for hours,” he wrote.

The following day, Bayley said the hard plastic case is geo-tagged and the airline was sent “a map to its precise location from which it hasn’t moved an inch for a whole week.”

He followed-up with tweets on June 28 and June 29 seeking any news from the airline.

“Some help would be absolutely brilliant…REALLY need to finish some music…I’ve missed a few deadlines now,” he wrote.

On June 30, Bayley tweeted at British Airways: “Just my daily nudge to see if I can get some help with my equipment that you lost and now refuse to assist with… ?? I can see via the geotag that it still hasn’t moved…9 days and counting.”

The frustrated musician got some good news on July 1, when airport worker Lee Katchen tweeted a photo of the lost case and said he “personally gave your bag to the BA Manager at [Denver International Airport] 30 minutes ago.”

Bayley replied: "omg you r my hero! I hope they put it on the plane this time…thank you for your help!”

In response to Sunday’s tweet, an apologetic British Airways social media rep claimed “tracing does still continue at the moment.”

Bayley fired back: “That is just completely false, a kind man who works at the airport told me he found it based on the map I sent, and delivered it to british airways management…it has been traced for two weeks! and now delivered to you! …just need you to give it back to me!”

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