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Mike Lamb 

Mike loves music.  It’s that simple.  Whether it be playing music, listening to music, or learning about music, Mike’s on board.  When he found out there was a career that let you sit and listen to music all day, he was in. 

When Mike’s not listening to music, you can find him cheering on the Minnesota Vikings or the Wheat Kings.  A Mike Lamb bio would not be complete without at least one mention of video games.  This is how he spends roughly 90% of his afternoons.  The other 10% is napping. 

Twitter: @MikeLambOnAir
Instagram: @mikelambonair


Matt Gates 

Somewhere, deep in a corporate office, several people in expensive suits decided to hire an announcer for their radio station in Brandon. They picked out the most well spoken, talented, in shape, and attractive person they could find. Unfortunately, the intern tasked with taking that specific person's resume to HR accidentally grabbed Matt's instead. 

When he's not talking about food on air, you can find Matt indulging in his true passion: Food. He also enjoys watching bagpipe videos online at full volume, and crafting the "perfect comeback", only to miss out on the opportunity to deliver it by mere hours. 

Twitter: @mattgatesonair

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