Calgarians flock to parks with warm winter weather

With the blast of warm air setting in over much of southern Alberta, Calgarians are taking every opportunity to enjoy the sunshine.

The Haasdyks enjoy spending time at Elliston Park to watch the birds and enjoy a picnic lunch.

“Well you know Calgary, you can get anything at anytime of year,” said Jerry Haasdyk.

“We live quite close to Elliston and it’s a nice place to people watch, and walk and I like watching the dogs too,” said Kathy Haasdyk.

The married couple say they are taking advantage of the warm weather in January, where nearly no snow can be seen at the park.

Jerry says a new Christmas gift that allows him to take close up pictures of ducks in the storm water pond is paying off.

“You just put it onto your cellphone and zoom in on it and take a picture,” he said. “It’s a cool little machine.”

For the Davids, a morning walk at the park was in the cards.

“I just want to take them out, enjoy the weather while there is still good weather,” said Joey David, who enjoys snapping photos of nature.

On Sunday, temperatures hovered in the low double digits with many taking advantage.

Environment Canada says the warmest Jan. 23 on record from the airport weather station was 14.4 C in 1892.

At 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, the airport recorded a high of 13.3 C.

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