Disturbance on VIA Rail leads to trespass and assault charges

via rail

The Brockville Police Service (BPS) has charged a man after receiving complaints of a disturbance from VIA Rail staff.

On July 29, 2022, at about 4:30 p.m., the BPS received a call from staff that there was a male on board the train causing issues. As the train pulled into Brockville, officers attended the train and spoke to staff.

They identified a 56-year-old man to be the one causing problems on the train and were asking him to be removed for the comfort and safety of other passengers and staff. The male, however, refused to leave when he was directed to do so.

During the process of trying to remove the man under the Trespass to Property Act, the male was assaultive towards police and threatened both police and VIA Rail employees. 

A physical altercation took place while attempting to take the man off of the train, but fortunately, no one was seriously injured. 

The man was found to be carrying a concealed knife on him at the time of the incident. The man now faces two counts of uttering threats, assaulting a peace officer, resisting arrest, and carrying a concealed weapon.

He was arrested and held for a bail hearing.

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