Local individual loses $1,000 in car sale scam


The Prince Edward County detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police is investigating a fraud after a local individual lost $1,000 in an online car sale scam.

On August 8, 2022, OPP received a complaint of fraud. In the incident, the victim sent a $1,000 deposit via e-transfer to a "seller" of a vehicle, however, the victim learned there was never a vehicle for sale, and that it was a common online sale scam.

Frauds involving online ads often target victims on multiple fronts. The most common way is by creating fake ads for cars, rental properties, or highly sought-after items.

Often the ads are posted at low prices to attract more interest. One of the most common trends is for them to request down payments for rental properties and vehicles. 

Here are some tips to avoid being caught in an online scam:
Know the market value of the product you're buying or selling
Don't trust extremely low or high offers
Beware of buyers and sellers that use urgency
Beware of buyers who offer to buy (or sell) an item without seeing the product first
Do an online search to see if anyone has already reported the fraudster

Police remind residents to arrange a meeting with the seller if you're purchasing a vehicle privately or opt to buy a car from a reputable dealer.

Private sellers are also required under the Highway Traffic Act to show you a used vehicle information package (UVIP), if the seller refuses, it's most likely a scam. 

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