'SkyHawks' parachute team to fly over Belleville and Trenton, Ont.

Canadian Skyhawks practice their parachuting skills for the annual Father's Day Air Show, June 18 & 19. (CANADIAN ARMED FORCES FILE PHOTO)

The Canadian Armed Forces parachute team, the SkyHawks, will fly above Belleville and Trenton. The public will be able to witness the performance which showcases the high standard of professionalism, teamwork, and physical fitness it takes to be a part of the Canadian Armed Forces.

A CC 130J Hercules aircraft will fly the parachutists, for a total of three passes. Jumps will be performed around 6,000 feet in the area and feature extensive planning and monitoring for safety. Performances will only take place given favorable weather conditions.

The performance in Belleville takes place on August 20 at the soccer field in Zwick Park. August 21 will be at Centennial Park in Trenton. Members of the public are advised to arrive 30 minutes ahead of time to secure a spot.

- With files from CFRA's Sara Capeloa 

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