Sudbury plumbers share tips to prevent frozen pipes

Temperatures are set to plunge once again and with the bitter cold, plumbers throughout northern Ontario have been busy dealing with frozen pipes.

It’s an issue that can be very costly if pipes break.

"Roller coaster temperatures have been quite interesting to deal with this year," said Carrie Jean, the owner of Castle Plumbing & Heating.

"Last month has been quite busy we have had very cold nights. At least we get a little bit of a reprieve in the day, but the calls for freezing pipes, no waters, no heats continually come in and it makes it very difficult for our technicians sometimes to keep up and keep Sudbury warm and going."

Rod Lefebvre has been a plumber for 34 years and said one common mistake people make is not having their homes checked on if they go away.

"Just make sure that if you are away from your house that you have the right people that are actually going inside looking at things making sure everything is fine and stuff," said Lefebvre.

Lefebvre said some homes are more at risk if pipes are on outside walls but says issues with pipes freezing can happen to any home when temperatures plunge.

"If you can just get the heat in there as quick as possible to get things thawed out then you are saving yourself damages down the line," said Lefebvre.

Castle Plumbing and Heating said space heaters can  help prevent frozen pipes but they have to be used properly and safely. There is also another preventative step.

"When you know it’s going to be really, really cold outside it never hurts especially if you know you have a trouble area in your home it never hurts to leave your facet a trickle because if there is some movement in that pipe then it can’t freeze," said Jean.

In a recent tweet, the Greater Sudbury Fire Service said never use open flames to thaw frozen plumbing. For a safe solution, consider a certified plumber.

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