J Stevens


People ask all the time “What’s the ‘J’ stand for?!”
…OK, that’s not entirely true. ONE person has asked and I’ll tell you the same thing I told them: “I’d rather not have this conversation until I’m properly prepared to make something up.”

In all honesty, it’s to keep away anyone I owe money to (which is more than it probably should be).

I love movies (and still stand by my belief that Ghostbusters is the greatest comedy of all-time), music (while I’m guilty of assembling “playlists” there’s nothing quite like ‘Bad’, ‘Back In Black’ or ‘An Innocent Man’ on the turntable), delicious food/drink (I’ll consume any of either), my English Bulldog ‘Oli’ & my soon-to-be wife.
…Not in that order of course, I mean- unless she’s calling me by my FULL name- in which case, yeah…probably in that order.