Founding Kansas Member Robby Steinhardt Dies At 71


Robert E. “Robby” Steinhardt, violinist and co-lead vocalist with progressive rock band Kansas, died Saturday due to complications from pancreatitis. He was 71.

“He died in my arms,” the musician’s wife Cindy Steinhardt shared in a Facebook post on Monday.

She explained that Robby was admitted to Tampa General hospital on May 13 with acute pancreatitis and, after going into septic shock, was placed on life support.

“Outlook was very grave as he wasn’t expected to live through the night,” she shared. “Like the true fighter he is, he managed to spring back much to the amazement of his entire medical staff. Once again he cheated death and the road to recovery had begun.

“We are beyond devastated as our lives were about to start a new adventure.”

Cindy said Robby had just recorded his first solo album and was set to go on tour next month. “Robby was so looking forward to being back on stage doing what he loved.”

Steinhardt performed with Kansas from 1973 to 1982 and again from 1997 to 2006. The band’s hits include “Dust in the Wind” and “Carry on Wayward Son.”

A statement on the official Kansas Facebook page read: "The members of the band KANSAS, past and present, wish to express our deepest sorrow over the death of our bandmate and friend, Robby Steinhardt. Robby will always be in our souls, in our minds, and in our music. What he brought to us as bandmates, to the fans who attended our concerts, and to the sound of KANSAS, will always be heartfelt. We love him and will miss him always."

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