Queen's Brian May Shares 'Heartbreaking' Flood Damage


Queen guitarist Brian May says he is “devastated” after sewage backed up into his home in London’s Kensington neighbourhood on Monday.

“The whole bottom floor had been inundated with a sewage overflow – which has covered our carpets, rugs and all kinds of precious (to us) things in a stinking sludge,” the 73-year-old rock star captioned video of the soggy mess. “It’s disgusting, and actually quite heartbreaking. It feels like we were have been invaded, desecrated.”

May said childhood photo albums and scrapbooks were damaged or destroyed and his wife Anita Dobson lost “a lifetime of memorabilia.”

Heavy rain on Monday caused flooding in parts of London.

May added: “I’m devastated - this stuff is only ‘things’ – but it feels like Back to the Future when the photograph fades – feels like a lot of my past has been wiped out. I’m angry.”

The musician blamed basement extensions that have been permitted by the local council in recent years – specifically “selfish basement building bastards.”

May said: “The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea council was warned years ago that sinking so many deep basement extensions would obstruct the aquifers underneath our living space and render the drainage system ineffective.

“I hold them responsible for all the misery that is going on in my neighbourhood tonight. It’s time they were held to account.”

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