Rush's Alex Lifeson Teases New Project Envy Of None


Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson has teamed up with some fellow Canadian talent for a new project, Envy of None.

“We’ve basically done an album’s worth of material that we hope to release sometime soon,” the 67-year-old rock star said, in an interview with Sweetwater. “Really excited about that.”

Lifeson joined Coney Hatch frontman and bassist Andy Curran and drummers David Steinberg (who is also Lifeson’s lawyer) and Tim Oxford of Arkells. They recruited 24-year-old U.S. singer Maiah Wynne, whom Lifeson described as “a fabulous, fabulous voice and really smart songwriter and vocal performer.”

Lifeson said he hopes the Envy of None album will be out by late summer or early fall.

“All the music is recorded,” he said. “We are mixing currently. We're in a good place, but it's very challenging. The industry’s so, so very different than it was certainly 10 years ago, never mind last year.

“We are very, very excited about it. It's pretty cool stuff, I think.”

Curran told Ultimate Classic Rock said fans should not expect Envy of None to sound like Rush or Coney Hatch. “It’s like, if you can picture maybe Massive Attack with a little bit of some electronic stuff with Nine Inch Nails influences,” he explained, “with this beautiful, fragile, sweet voice and some very, very dark heavy sounds.”

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