Dolly Parton Is Planning A Broadway Musical To Tell Life Story


Dolly Parton is everywhere at the moment. When she isn't performing a hits medley at an NFL game, getting attacked for her choice of outfit or promoting her new "rock" album, she is working away on a new Broadway musical.

In a new interview with Vulture, the country music legend was asked what was the "most ambitious thing you have left to do," she revealed that she is currently putting together an upcoming musical that will tell the story of her life.

"I’m doing my life story as a musical on Broadway," she says. "I’ve written all the songs, and we have the script. We’re hoping to be on Broadway in 2025. That’s very ambitious because there’s about 30 or 40 pieces of music in it."

Parton says she is fully involved in the project, having spent the last decade working on it, whenever she finds the time.

"I’ve been involved in writing the book as well as choosing all the songs," she adds. "I’ve been working really hard on it — about ten years’ worth of work. I’ve really buckled down over the past two years, and we’ve got it pegged down. We’ve just been in the studio recording the music. Once we get it on its feet, we’ll have to cut and change some things and whatnot. I’m so ready for it."

In the interview, Parton also discusses the biggest songs of her career - “I Will Always Love You," "Jolene," and  “My Tennessee Mountain Home” - as well as the most meaningful songs that didn't become hits.

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