Kate Bush Sampled Her Farts To Use In Her Music


"Cloudbusting"? More like "Cropdusting"!

Kate Bush reportedly used to record her own flatulence and then add the sounds to a number of her songs.

According to Donal Lunny, a producer and session musician on a number of Bush's albums, the singer-songwriter would use a Fairlight synthesizer to sample her farts.

In an interview with Uncut, Lunny exposed her secret weapon, saying “She was a funny, mischievous woman. Somebody told me she sampled a fart on the Fairlight and would happily play tunes on it.”

Nigel Hitchcock, who played saxophone for Bush, confirmed the secret, adding that she loved a good curry, which contains spices that act as a laxative.

"The first time I arrived at Kate’s house with my saxes, she opened the door, took them both from me, and said, ‘I’ll be back in a minute, I’m making a curry.’ She was feeding everybody as well.”

Over the years, Bush has spoken about the Fairlight synthesizer and how it has allowed her to experiment in the studio. 

Speaking to Option in 1990, she said, “Discovering the Fairlight gave me a whole new writing tool, as well as an arranging tool. With a Fairlight you’ve got everything: a tremendous range of things. It completely opened me up to sounds and textures, and I could experiment with these in a way I could never have done without it.”

You can say that again!

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