Animal carcasses dumped near Cactus Trails

The hoof of calf found dumped in a fire pit near the shore of the Beatton River in Baldonnel, B.C.

A calf carcass and burnt trailer are just some of the items hikers say they've found dumped in the Beatton River Valley. 

The illegal dumping near the Cactus Trails in Baldonnel is upsetting nature lovers. 

Police tape surrounds the burnt trailer that has been on scene for months. An old car has also become somewhat of a permanent fixture, but dead animals appear to be the latest act of illegal dumping near the river shore.

Melissa Lingel was out enjoying the long weekend with her family when she happened upon the horrifying scene. "I discovered approximately six or so types of animals, in various states of decomposition and dismemberment," she said. 

Fortunately, Lingel's children were in the vehicle when she discovered the "haunting sights." She reported the animal carcases to the BC Conservation Service on April 16. 

However, a dead calf could be found in a fire pit on Monday.

The animal dumping does not appear to be an isolated issue. Other hikers saying on social media they’ve cleaned up Cactus Trails and river shore only to have more garbage arrive. 

If you witness illegal dumping on crown land you can call the RAPP Line at 1-877-952-7277 or click here.