Bert Ambrose students meet their 'Classroom Champion' in person

Classroom Champion and Paralympian Cody Dolan pauses for a photo with Bert Ambrose students awarded prizes from Petronas.

Bert Ambrose students high fived Cody Dolan’s familiar face as they entered the school gymnasium on Monday.

The Fort St. John elementary school played host to Dolan who is part of Classroom Champions. The campaign paired the sledge hockey player with classes at Bert Ambrose earlier this school year.

At the event, students sported shirts that read “Better Gets Better” which aligned with the underlying message. Dolan hoped students had fun while trying their best to win fast paced games organised by staff and older students at the school

Dolan’s been working with the classes online since September, but Monday marked his first visit to the ‘Energetic City’.

“I’m beyond blessed to be here today. To fly in from Calgary for the day and just have fun. I’m a new dad myself. It almost gives me ideas of things I can take home and share with my wife that we can do with our son in a couple years,” he said.  

There was pizza, cookies and games with prizes on hand to celebrate the visit.  Dolan thanked the Classroom Champion sponsor Petronas along with Bert Ambrose staff and students for their participation.