City of Dawson Creek buys seasonal flower baskets from out of province due to lack of bids

dc flower baskets

The City of Dawson Creek needed to go out of province to buy hanging baskets this year.

The City recently hung flower baskets downtown, as it does every summer. However, this year, the baskets did not come from a local business.

In past years, the flowers have been supplied by Hillside Garden Company in Dawson Creek.

All municipal projects are put out to tender by law in the interest of transparency. But Mayor Dale Bumstead says that when this project was put out to tender this year, they only received one bid – from a company in Alberta.

“It was surprising, because we had a local company do them for two or three years in the past, and this year we only had the one tender and it came out of Alberta, over by Grande Prairie,” says Bumstead. “So they won the bid to supply the hanging baskets this year for the city.”

Bumstead says the city spends roughly $30,000 purchasing the baskets every year.