Dawson Creek handgun sales surge following federal gun control plan

An undated file photo of a handgun.

Last week, the federal government announced a plan for tighter gun control measures, including capping the market on handguns.

Now, a local business owner says that plan has backfired.

The owners of Corlane Sporting Goods say sales have been through the roof since the announcement. Handguns aren’t usually a major part of their business, but last week, they say they sold around 150 handguns in only 3 days. That amounts to a full year’s worth of sales.

And Corlane’s is not the only business seeing an increase. Surges in gun sales have been reported across the country.

The owners believe the legislation itself prompted people to buy the guns before it becomes illegal to do so.

“Some people have had their license, and they’ve been thinking about getting a handgun – well, this just kind of kicked them in the butt and got them moving,” says co-owner Tim Schram. “It was very, very aggressive last week, to say the least.”

Schram also facetiously thanked Justin Trudeau for being what he calls “an amazing handgun salesman.”