FSJ 100 Street construction leaves business owner contemplating closing

100 street

Construction creeping up Fort St. John’s 100 Street has left Joy Larstone even more worried about the future of her business.

“Were not just a store. Were real people,” is how the owner of Headspace Artefacts described her gift shop that expanded to include art supplies after receiving COVID-19 relief.  

Larstone feels the city could do more amid the ongoing construction and recent closure of the intersection at 101 Avenue. While still recovering from the pandemic, she says lacking summer foot traffic could shutter the store.

“Thus far we do feel like there’s been minimal effort. They’ve offered to put my logo on a sign at the end of a street. That’s great but it’s not going to save my business from closing,” she said.  

The city says 100 street sewer upgrades are necessary and businesses remain accessible.

“The alternative is the pipes fail,” said city spokesperson Ryan Harvey who added the work needs to happen “once every 50 to 75 years.”

Harvey says the road closures are not expected to go farther up 100 street this summer.  

However, there's still little optimism for a business on the brink. 

 “I don’t have anymore reserves left to loose,” says Larstone who also thanked customers who are rallying to try and help save the store.