FSJ business moved to temporary location after issues with building and landlord


A Fort St. John business owner says she is deciding to move because of a dispute with her landlord. Triumph MMA and Fitness will be moving to a temporary location in order to stay open.

The business has operated out of a rental space on 100th avenue since June of 2019 according to owner Tasha Mytron. The property does not have water or sewer services provided by the City of Fort St. John. Instead, the building relied on a septic tank and water to be trucked in. It was only a few month into her lease that Mytron says major plumbing issues arose.

"The tanks aren't sealed properly, they freeze easier. We've had frozen pipes and so many sewer bakcups [at the location]. It's been frustrating because it's a small outfit and we have one toilet."

Mytron says she began to experience more problems with the property. Issues with vehicles becoming stuck in the uneven parking lot, heating, a leaky roof and water flooding the building kept piling up. It resulted in many of the paded flooring tiles becoming soggy and covered in sludge. Mytron also says mold began to grow along the floor and walls as water found its way into those areas.

"These were issues that are the resonsibility of any landlord. There was structural maintenance."

Mytron was faced with repairing the damage on her own after attempts to notify the landlord Wayne Sperling about the poor conditions. It became a further issue for Mytron as she kept trying to get Sperling to cover the cost of repairs.

"it wasn't like I was trying to get him to change the lightbulbs for me. I was trying to get him to do the things that were casuing me money constantly."

Mytron finally had enough, after many more attempts to get things straightened out with Sperling,she went to her lawyers. The advice they gave her was to move out as soon as she could. 

"The stress of having to deal with all [the problems] and constantly elbow deep in, I wont say the bad word" Mytron said, "cleaning things up, it's unsanitary, it's poor conditions. I shouldn't have had to deal with that".

CJDC tried to contact Sperling for comment but our call was not returned by the publishing of this story. None of the allegations towards Sperling have been proven in a court of law.

Mytron says in the meantime she is looking to be compensated for the cost of the repairs and wants to warn the next tennants of the building.