'I didn't even know if he was still breathing' -FSJ woman and her dog attacked by a Pitbull


A Fort St John woman and her Shih Tzu/ Yorkie cross were faced with a very traumatic experience early Monday morning. Jennifer Smith says she and her dog Archie were attacked by a Blonde Pitbull loose along 85th Avenue. 

"it looked at us and then all of a sudden it just started charging. I'm like 'Oh my God' is this really happening? Is it gonna come and like wag its tail?" Smith said.

Because of the worries running through her mind at the time, she fearfully attempted to grab Archie. It was too late.

"[the Pitbull] grabbed hold of [Archie] from the back end and was whipping him around. I started screaming because at one point [Archie] was so limp I didn't even know if he was still breathing."

Smith says two men heard her screams and rushed in to seperate the dogs. Archie sustained multiple puncture wounds to his legs and pelvic area. A Vetrinarian told smith Archies testicles may have to be surgically removed. Smith was also told her dog is lucky to have survived the attack.

"Honestly, if those two men didn't come, I don't think my dog would be alive right now. There's no way I could have gotten free by myself. I could have been hurt a lot more than just my finger and a little nip on my face."

One of Smith's fingers was cut badly from the kuckle up to her finger nail. She has it wrapped up after a visit to the hopsital but says she may permanantly lose her fingernail from the damage.

Archie is expected to recover as long as his wounds heal properly without infection. Smith has taken to social media in hopes the owners of the Pitbull are found. One of the men that helped smith reached out to her saying a report had been filed with City Bylaw and Fort St. John RCMP.

Cst. Chad Neustaeter of the Fort St. John RCMP says "A third party dog file was reported on May 2, at 6:46 A.M. Police attended and spoke with bylaw." 

Neustaeter also says Bylaw informed police they were taking over the file. CJDC reached out to Bylaw asking about the report, they were unavailable for comment.

Smith says herself and Archie are on the road to recovery but will be faced with more than $1,000 in vet bills. Smith alsi says she doesnt blame the dog that attacked her but its hopeful the owners will step forward.

"I just hope that the owners sees or hears [about the attack] and comes forward. Personally I don't think it has anything to do with the [Pitbull] breed."