Mackenzie RCMP investigate two men approaching woman's vehicle

Mackenzie Junction

Police say they are investigating what’s being called a ‘suspicious occurrence’ where a woman reported two men approached her vehicle near Mackenzie.  

Mounties say a man driving a newer white pick up truck approached the woman in her parked vehicle near The Mackenzie Junction gas station and rest stop which is close to where Highway 97 and Highway 39 intersect. 

The woman told police the unknown man asked her where she was going. She refused to answer and left the area without further incident.

Police said the same woman reported a similar encounter with a different vehicle.

“A short time later on Highway 97, the woman saw a vehicle, described as a newer model white van, pull onto the highway and stop causing the woman to also stop,” said Cpl. Madonna Saunderson, North District RCMP Media Relations in a statement Monday.  

Mounties say a different man from earlier got out of the van and approached the woman’s vehicle.

Saunderson said “the woman drove around the stopped vehicle and proceeded on her way and she had no contact with this person.”

However, as she left the scene the woman noticed a man matching the description from the earlier incident sitting in the van.  

Mackenzie RCMP are investigating the incident. 

Saunderson wasn’t aware of similar incidents being reported to RCMP. However, she encouraged anyone who may have been in a similar situation to call the police.