Missing school garden water tank replaced

A new water tank donated by United Rentals is locked to the fence at Margaret Ma Murray Community School on April 25 after the original tank went missing on the weekend.

Fort St. John students learning about gardening upset after their watering tank went missing this weekend.

“It was very very depressing,” said one student in response to the alleged stolen tank.  

But Margret Ma Murray Community School staff say there is a positive lesson from  the incident. “I think we all felt very discouraged by this and frustrated and it was incredible how in our community there was an outpouring of help,” said teacher Trina Powers.   

Since taking to social media, Principal Kathy Scheck says the school received around 30 offers to donate a replacement tank.

Scheck says the garden provides opportunities to learn life skills for students at the community school. Adding the tank next to the garden beds makes it easier for students to water the plants.

A new tank from United Rentals arrived in the school yard Monday morning. The branch manager even locking the tank to the fence to prevent a future theft.

“Everyday, recess, lunch they go hey we need kids to water and there’s like 20 to 30 kids running all to help water. So it’s always been this big collective effort here everyone is there to help,” said teacher Megan Jesperson.  

Students are looking forward to getting their hands back in the dirt learning while growing fresh produce. The students say they plant “Potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, all stuff like that.”

Jesperson said its all about “Learning about growing our food and what it takes,”

“It’s a full circle for us. They get to be the person that plants it, harvest it and get to enjoy it,” added Powers.

The community school is thankful for all offers to help them keep gardening, but what happened to the original tank remains a mystery

The principal says they are reviewing security footage. Any with information is encouraged to contact the school and Fort St. John RCMP.