Mother Nature serving reminder to keep the winter tires on past April 30


Some people in the Peace Region may have jumped the shark in regards to getting a seasonal tire change.

In British Columbia, the province says snow tires or M+S tires must be used on roads and highways until April 30.

Constant weather changes are known to happen in the late spring months around the Region.

Shawn Alyward, Owner of Fountain Tire in Fort St. John, says it is wise to keep the winter tires on past the provincial guideline.

"Realistically, until the May long weekend is done, you should keep your winter tires on."

Alwyward also says if you are already using non winter tires, be prepared and drive to conditions.

"Anticipate those intersections, they are icy. It just comes down to simple [and] cautious defensive driving."

Environment Canada forecasts show the weather will begin to improve staring Thursday.